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The Food Commission (UK) Ltd, is a not-for-profit company which campaigns for healthier, safer, sustainable food in the UK.

The Food Commission (UK) Ltd was set up in 1990, and took over the work of The London Food Commission - an organisation that had been created and funded by the Greater London Council. With a remit to improve the nutritional health of people across the whole of the UK, rather than just London, The Food Commission has been instrumental in ensuring that the public, and the media, now have a much greater interest in the food we eat and the effects it can have on both our health and our environment.

The Food Commission produces reports and articles that are an integral part of public debate about food in the UK, and is read by concerned parents, home economics teachers, food policy experts, journalists, public sector workers, the food industry and anyone else with an interest in food.  It also undertakes project work to address areas of special concern such as food and low income, children's food marketing and unnecessary food additives.

Over two decades, The Food Commission produced the subscription magazine, The Food Magazine (no longer available in print format), an award-winning magazine that lifts the lid on the food industry and explains what was really going on with the food we eat. The magazine is packed with honest information about food and drink and provided an ideal resource for people who care about what they and their families eat. The Food Magazine ceased to be produced in print form 2010, but a full archive of editions from 1988 to 2010 is now available online, free to download in PDF format. You can also find many of the articles on this website.

Neither The Food Commission nor The Food Magazine has ever been sponsored or supported by the food industry, which allows them to remain an essential, independent voice in a time when attention is more focused on food than ever before. 

The Food Commission

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