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Campaigns and projects

The Food Commission co-ordinates projects and runs campaigns that aim to improve the public's health, nutrition and knowledge of food, and to reduce the impact of our food choices on the environment and the people who grow or make our food.

Action on additives
The Action on Additives website campaigns against the use of food additives shown to cause hyperactivity in children.

Eat less salt project
A pioneering project in south east London which aimed to improve the health of thousands of tenants and staff of the Sydenham-based Hexagon Housing Association.

Parents Jury
The Parents Jury was an independent jury of over 1,300 parents who came together to improve the quality of children's foods and drinks in the UK. The Jury was co-ordinated by The Food Commission.

Chew on this
A excellent website which encourages students (and adults) to ask questions about how our food is produced and its effect on our wellbeing and the environment.

Food Irradiation project
The Food Irradiation Campaign was a long running campaign designed to prevent the unnecessary irradiation of food in the UK. The campaign made clear that, 'good food does not need irradiating'.

Good food for all
The Good Food For All Campaign wants to improve the publicís health by working to ensure that everyone in the UK has access to the income and support they need to eat access a healthy diet.

Menu labelling campaign
The Menu Labelling Campaign wants to improve the publicís health by requiring fast-food and other chain restaurants to provide calorie and other nutrition information on menus and menu boards.

Reports published by The Food Commission
As well as publishing The Food Magazine, The Food Commission (UK) Ltd has published many influential reports. These are available as PDF downloads.